Roofs And Roof Constructions strategies and information

Roof Constructions

There are houses without foundation and without walls, but houses without a roof – no. The basic role of human habitats was and remained – a roof over your head. It is sometimes difficult to separate the roof structure from the roof covering, the construction of the roof from the construction of the entire building, or clearly indicate where the construction of the building becomes the roof, where the façade ends and the roof cover begins.

The basic types of roofs

The basic division of roofs is according to the number of roof levels, so we have one-way, two-way, etc. (today, most common architecture is four-conductive roofs over a rectangular or square foundation, probably you have the very same roof). A special case is the shape of a dome or coupe as a possible roof deck over a circular base.

There is also a dormitory roof, with a broken roof level to get extra space in the attic. The angle of the roof can be over 75 °, and each tile must be bonded individually. These roofs were named after their creator, Parisian architect François Mansart (François Mansart, 1598-1666)

In recent years, architects have also applied arch roofs that provide sufficient drop and full utilization of the building’s overall dimensions for as many square meters of usable space as possible. However, this solution should be taken into account, especially in urban cores and larger buildings.

Roofs can also be divided into shapes – on flat and sloping pieces, upholstery or dome. The sloping roofs generally have a slope of 30-60 °, especially if the roof cover is a tile. Under flat roofs, we mean low-tilt roofs, from 3 to 10 percent 

Flat roofs can be divided into three basic types:

  1. warm
  2. cold/reverse
  3. ventilated – they work with min. 8% of the inclination to allow the air to flow from the edge to the ventilation holes on the ridge (this solution is used less often due to higher prices).

Flat roofsVery often the same constructive solutions can be applied to the construction of flat and sloping roofs or the same constructive solutions that apply to the floor ceilings. Flat roofs are divided into both passable and impenetrable, depending on whether the roof surface will be used or not. Passage roofs can be used as parking spaces, terraces, gardens, etc…

Roof structures

Trough the history people used wood, brickwork, and stone for their roof structures. From ancient to modern times, little has changed in the construction and materials for the manufacture of roofs that can withstand hurricanes. Today we can divide the vast majority of roof structures according to the material in three types – wooden; metal or steel; and concrete.

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