Usual Roofing Reasons Behind Roof Deterioration in Loganville GA

a photo of snow on the roof

Usual Roofing Reasons Behind Roof Deterioration in Loganville GA

The roof at home or at your place of business is the first line of defense of your property against harsh elements. By now, you might have already noticed some wear and tear or severe deterioration on your property. To help you understand why your roof deteriorates, here are some of the most common factors gathered from a top here in Loganville.  Hopefully, these outline will give you a clearer understanding concerning the subtle threats against the integrity of your roof.We are the best roofing contractor Loganville GA


a photo of snow on the roof


The Sun

Most property owners are unaware that the innocent heat of the sun also causes roofing damage. In fact, it is the most common factor for roofing deterioration, as the sun blasts the roofing material on top your property with damaging rays and heat. As a result, asphalt shingles, in particular, begins to break and later on be totally damaged. You have IR radiation and UV light to blame for such deterioration of your roofing system.

Snow & Rain

Apart from the sun’s heat, another common enemy of a roofing system is moisture. Moisture does not only damage to exterior part of your roofing system, but it also aids in the deterioration of your interior roofing structure. Moisture can cause the deterioration or rotting your decking, insulation, and other critical parts of your roofing system. The main cause for moisture is, of course, the cycle of rain and snowfall. As snow melts and rain falls on your roof, it may seep through some portions of your roofing system, especially if your roof is not properly maintained. Hence, causing the moisture imbalance.

Fierce Wind

A soft gentle wind may not be an immediate cause of a roof deterioration. However, high winds caused by tropical depression and most especially by a storm can cause roofing materials to curl or be lifted and eventually be pulled away from its position. If such would be the case, the roofing underlay will be to other environmental setbacks and would be more vulnerable to water damage and structural deterioration.


Unlike snow which causes mainly moisture imbalance, a hail brings more than that. Hail can leave dents on your roofing and may also cause for the protective granules of your roof to be damaged. With the loss of the protective granules, your roof fiberglass matt and as well as its asphalt coating. With that being exposed, deterioration will set in, and sooner or later lead to structural damage or even collapse.

Moss & Algae

The presence of lichen on your roof is a sign that you have a severe moisture problem. Apart from that, these slow-growing plant, so to speak, causes for your roofing structure to rot and even causes discoloration on your roofing. Both moss and algae can trap water on the roof or area where it is growing. Hence, complicating the current moisture issue and aggravating the deterioration and damages.

Those are some of the most common reasons why your roof would deteriorate. Homeowners and business owners alike should not overlook the importance of regular roofing checkup and maintenance. Depending on the type of your roof, roof inspection is necessary to be performed at least once a year and when major events such as storm, a fallen tree branch, or any signs of serious roofing damages would manifest. With the help of a regular roof inspection, you will be informed on the current status of your roofing system.


It is highly suggested that roof inspection should be performed by expert roofers in your area. Here in Loganville, they should be contacted when in need of the assistance of a reliable roofing contractor. With the help of an expert roofer, what the untrained eyes would normally miss during an ocular inspection, would be reinforced by the expert roofers of a roofing company.

In choosing a roofing expert, you should prioritize a local roofing company, instead of those outside your state or city. With the presence of a local roofing contractor near your home or place of business, it would be easier for them to visit the site for inspection and even revisit it when other roofing requirements would be needed. Apart from the location base of a roofing company, it is also critical that you should only deal with a licensed and insured roofing company. The license they have would somehow serve as an assurance that you are dealing with a qualified, competent, and legit company.

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