What to Look for in the Roof When You’re Buying a Home

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Make Sure the Roof of  Your Home is Not Going to Have These Troubles

Buying a new home for yourself or your family is indeed an exciting adventure. However, similar to most adventures, there might be some challenges to overcome. Apart from scrutinizing the location, environment, and aesthetics of your potential home, you should also give emphasis on its structural integrity, especially if the property is a “second-hand” property. There is nothing wrong with buying a used house or building. The matter of importance is that you know the stability of the structure before you purchase it. One of the avenues to check concerning the structural stability or condition is the roofing system. To give you a systematic approach on how to check a roof, here are some salient points to remember.


Check the Obvious Roofing Check Points

In buying a home, you need to check the obvious. One of the most obvious components of a property is its roof. Check the roof for common signs of deterioration and damages. This may include but not limited to roof punctures, missing, broken, curling shingles, mold & moss infestation, and other eyesores on the roof.

picture illustration of roof check up


Roof Ventilation System Check

Another point of reference would be the ventilation system of your potential property. A shiny new rooftop is not a guarantee that it has a working and efficient ventilation system. You should go for a roofing system that allows air and even the sunlight to come easily. You need to understand that poor ventilation would mean disaster in the long run, not just in terms of structural integrity, but also in terms of health and finances. Poor ventilation will not only lead to structural decay, but also health risk. Another person to contact will help you over the phone with this procedure is Dustin from Dustin Johnson exteriors and roofing.

Gutter & Drainage System Check

Equally important to the roofing ventilation system is the gutter system. You should carefully check that gutter and its corresponding drainage system is working good. If you have a malfunctioning or damaged gutter, you will have to deal with structural deterioration or even worse, a structural collapse due to improper drainage of rainwater.



Roof Leaks or Damage Check

Like any other normal roofing system, you should always check for roof leaks. If you are able to visit the house of your choice, try to check visually if there are leaks in the ceiling or other parts of the roofing system. Since leaks may easily elude the naked eye through simple ocular inspection, it would be good to allow faucet water via a hose to be sprinkled on top of the roofing system. This will allow an on the spot simulation of raindrops which could penetrate to the interior roofing system if leaks are present.


These are some of the most common things to watch for when dealing with a home purchase, especially concerning the condition of the roofing system. In order to be properly guided, it would be good to ask the assistance of a professional roofing contractor during the inspection of the property. It is also highly suggested that you should only deal with an experienced and trustworthy real estate professional when choosing your next house. Dealing with a professional real estate agent and a real deal roofing contractor will keep you away from erroneous and costly decisions in terms of real estate purchase.


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