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How Hurricanes Impact Your Roof Around Bergen County New Jersey

pic of hurricane wreck on roof

Knowing Local Reputable Roofing Companies To Call During Bad Weather


A hurricane or storm can really be devastating, especially when it directly hits your town or city. However, a direct hit from a hurricane is not the only thing that every homeowner or property owner should be cautious of. According to local news, Jane spoke that having Contacts with a licensed professional roofer in Bergen County could be the difference between make or break your home. For even though you will not be directly affected by the hurricane, the relatively strong wind and rain that it will bring upon your place will still affect your property, especially your roof.



Since your roof is the highest structural component in your property, be it your house or commercial building, it will naturally take the beating head on, leaving potential damages and deterioration. To put it into perspective, a Category 1 or 2 storm may tear off some of your roofing shingles, tiles, and even a portion of your properly installed flashings. Similarly, your gutters will be damaged, leaving a potential room for a roof leak. Check out our other blogs for that. 


On the other hand, a Category 3 or 4 storm can cause extensive damages to your roofing system, including but not limited to your decking, gable ends, and roof covering. This will likely happen due to the strong wind that can bring airborne debris like a broken branch or tree limb. Lastly, a Category 5 hurricane can inevitably result in devastating roof damages. We have to learn from previous times such as when Hurricane Sandy hit Bergen County. The most common impact or effect of a Category 5 hurricane may be observed through tearing off of your decking and gable ends, which are normally durable and enduring.



A hurricane passing by your county or state can be really alarming and devastating. However, there are still some tested and proven methods that can somehow mitigate the impact of storms and hurricanes on your roofing system. Some of these steps are outlined below for your perusal.


pic of hurricane wreck on roof


Get The Roof Inspected

Before the storm reaches your area, it would be good to have your roofing system inspected. This inspection should be done by an experienced and expert roofing contractor. They have the skills, knowledge, and tools to detect potential areas of concern on your roofing system. Better have it repaired or replaced, before a hurricane strikes and totally damage the entirety of your roofing system. Find out local cost


External Clearing

Apart from the inspection, you can also proactively safeguard your property and protect your roofing system by clearing out nearby tree limbs and heavy branches that can directly fall on top of your roof. This can be very helpful not only in preserving the integrity of your roof, but also protecting the safety of your family and property during a hurricane strike


Durable Roof Installation

If by chance you are planning to replace your roof in preparation of the coming storm, it would be best to replace roofing materials with durable and wind-resistant materials. There are a great number of options available in the market today, including wind-resistant shingles or switch to a durable metal roof. In the same manner, you may also add secondary water barriers underneath such roofing materials to prevent the possibility of severe leaking on your roof.


Those are some of the things that you may do in order to improve the chances of your roof not being fully destroyed by a passing hurricane. To be more precise with your action, it would be good to ask the help of a professional roofing contractor or company to assist you with your storm or hurricane preparation tasks.