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Veterans Roofing

​Affordable and Lasting Solutions For The Roof Over Your Head

Affordable and Lasting Solutions For The Roof Over Your Head

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Welcome to veteransroofing.biz site. We are here to assist you in the selection, construction, and repair of your roofs and roof constructions. Our company exists for over ten years and we are very proud of our work so far. Our team consists of highly professional designers and contractors who are here to make your home safer and better.  Behind us, there are countless of satisfied customers whom we repaired existing roofs and made new ones for the reasonable price. Our company is renowned and widely known and continues to grow every day

What We Offer

roof may need a new insulation

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Your roof may need a new insulation against snow and other weather conditions, or maybe you want to adapt it for something else.

Repairing roofs and roof constructions

Repairing roofs and roof constructions

 In case you have problems such as leaks, drafts, etc. , our team will determine the existing problem and make your roof highly functional again.

Completely new roof

Completely new roof

With our designers and contractors, your new roof will last for a very long time. We make roofs that fit perfectly into the existing style of your house or building.

Quality Guarantee

Our company uses exclusively high-quality, durable, energy-efficient and functional materials for building roofs, various roof elements and constructions like roof windows or skylights. We employ only experienced carrier professionals and team members with great track-records. Our insulation can endure all weather and disturbances such as hales of the ice of the wind. With our roofs, you will need a very rare maintenance, but what is certain is that your roof will last for at least a generation.

Quality Guarantee

Roof Maintenance

The best way to keep the roof in the tip - the top form is to develop an active routine maintenance. The roof should be cleaned at least twice a year. This way you will know that your roof is prepared for winter storms and strong summer rain. There are three tasks: cleaning the surface, collect the accumulated leaves outside the gutter and wash areas showing signs of moss. Also, look good to see any signs of water penetration or abandonment.

​Our Team

Our Team


​Members of our team have at least seven years of experience in roofing, construction or similar jobs.They are professions who were and remained outstanding in their profession. These are highly educated individuals who are specialized and ready with regular controls and courses to stay up to date

Style and Recognition

Our team consists of people young in ideas. They are well versed in different styles in order to construct and perform in a style that suits you or that fits the preexisting structures. Their works are not only efficient and functional but also highly recognizable.

Efficient and Safe

Our focus is to provide you with a streamlined and efficient project, from the moment you initially contact us. Our professional manager will engage with you, assessing your needs and coordinate the work plan. Our professional team leaders at the site will take care that the entire construction runs without incident and on time

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